To donate money for us to then purchase gift cards, go to:

To directly donate gift cards for food-insecure students:

Go online to ANY Chicago restaurant or take-out place and purchase gift cards for  A Meal Today, A Meal Tomorrow. Restaurants do not have to be on our list, they just have to sell gift cards.  E-cards for students should be sent to

You can also mail restaurant gift cards to:

 A Meal Today, A Meal Tomorrow

c/o Jessica Tansey

1723 N. Dayton Street

Chicago IL 60614

Although the gift card can come from ANY Chicago restaurant, you can request which CPS school community to support.

So, whichever way a gift card is purchased, make sure that the school community name is included somewhere on the gift card or in the email with the card.

The CPS Children First Fund will help to distribute these gift cards to local food-insecure students and families.